“The Internet of Things” extends the vulnerabilities of the Internet to an increasingly intimate variety of your possessions, such as your watch, phone, television and automobile.  High value durable machines, such as robotics, unmanned vehicles, and SCADA systems increase the risk of any organization.  Physical computing permits our systems to interact with the physical world in infinite new ways.  This is an extremely exciting yet delicate time.  While the industry brings new and incredible products, there are a multitude of new cyber security implications.  Cyber security issues must be dealt with from the inception of any project.  DPS can help to ensure that security is not just a last-minute addition to your project.  Security should be incorporated during every stage, including the initiation of your project.

Cyber Security issues must be dealt with from the inception of any product.  A heavy focus on cyber security testing should be introduced during development.

Defense Point Security can assist your organization with Physical Computing in the following ways:

  • Available on FAA eFast contract and GSA Schedule 70
  • Past experience / past performance in performing certification and accreditation for IT systems supporting UAS.
  • As a company we are conducting research and community projects involving physical computing technologies, such as UAS, robotics, driverless, sense and avoid technologies, and autonomy
  • Pinpoint cyber security issues with regards to IT systems, sensor components, and communication protocols.
  • Independent Verification and validation (IV&V) Services
  • Privacy Assessments
  • Digital Media Analysis
  • Penetration Testing & Red Teaming
  • Computer Network Defense